Someone said I was the Hunter S. Thompson of weird food science. I guess I do like making pizzas out of chips and ranking Arnott's Shapes definitively. I love writing, eating and thinking of ideas (not all food related but yeahhhh, mostly food related). 

I work in the digital publishing and creative advertising worlds. Currently I am the Commercial Editor at Broadsheet. Previously, I was at Right Angle Studio as a Senior Creative, where I worked across client campaigns and The Thousands. Before that I was the Creative Social Media Lead at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne. I spent almost three years there and worked on some really fun (and award winning) social media campaigns like NAB 'Footify FM', Drinkwise 'How To Drink Properly' and Facebook pages like M&M'S and Maltesers.

I've also worked at Lifelounge Agency as their Social Media Manager where I worked on a heap of campaigns for the Transport Accident Commission and publications like the youth culture websites Lifelounge, The Vine and Everguide. 

I've created my own website where I review food with emojis. There is also an English translation if you are emoji-illiterate.

I also write stories about snack fights on Snackdownnn and am about to start a food podcast (more soon). 

I like talking at things! I spoke at the Melbourne International Film Festival, Emerging Writers' Festival and Jacky Winter Gives You The Business this year. 

Here are some links if you would like to internet-stalk me. Just don't accidentally like something. Otherwise I'll know exactly what you're up to.

Twitter: @emilynaismith

Instagram: @emilynaismith

LinkedIn: Emily Naismith

Email: emily.j.naismith[at]gmail[dot]com

The rad emoji version of me was made by the super talented Jay Chapman